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Footbag Barbarian Training Camp


Christopher Michael Siebert

Phone: 540-229-9865
Charlottesville, VA
Site(s) TBA
Manassas, Virginia, USA
Host Club:
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footbag net training, firebag

Manually Entered Results

The inaugural Footbag Barbarian Training Camp was a success!  We had 14 
kickers of all skill levels in attendance, including 4 true beginners.  We 
also saw the return of footbag veteran Mark Daniels (of Seattle footbag fame).


Most Promising Beginner:  Bobby (age 14)

Spirit Award:  Mark Daniels (who was diving all over the court in his first 
game since 1998)

Farthest Traveled:  James "The Legend" Harley (Columbia, SC) and Mark Daniels 
(Cleveland, OH)

Overcoming Adversity Award:  Allison Smith (Point Lookout, MD) for driving on 
despite car trouble

Many thanks to those who came.  Keep on kickin!

We will be hosting a footbag net training camp at our house in Virginia. Beginners are encouraged to attend! No experience necessary. We'll do lots of drills and play lots of games to improve your serving, setting, spiking, and digging. Bonus attractions will include the small Foot-C net, and FIREBAG (kicking a flaming footbag). THIS JUST ADDED: Included among the all-star cast of instructors will be James "The Legend" Harley from Columbia, South Carolina! Come out and play!
Event Details:
Overnight guests:  We welcome as many people as we can fit into our 
house.  Beds, couches, and air mattresses are available - floor space 
that I don't book too many guests.

Driving directions:
From I-66, rt. 234 South (NOT rt. 234 Business), about 8 miles, right on 
Brentsville Road, left on Smithfield Road at the Moose lodge, house on 
From I-95 North, rt. 234 North, after about 20 minutes left on Brentsville 
Road, etc.
From I-95 South, 123 North, left on Old Bridge Road, straight onto Prince 
William Parkway, left on Prince William Parkway (when Liberia is to the 
right), straight onto Brentsville Road, etc.

11710 Smithfield Road
Manassas, VA 20112

Flying in?  Closest major airport is Dulles International, about 30 minutes 
away.  Cheapest D.C. area airport is usually BWI.  It's about 1 and 1/2 
hours away.
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