2002 Todexon Freestyle Cup

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2002 Todexon Freestyle Cup


Jan Struz

Alias: dexter@footbag.org
Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic

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Club Akropolis
Praha, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
shred, 2 min. routine, sick3, massive trick
Greetings all ya footbagers around the world, I'm proud to announce that on friday 22nd of March 2002 the third part of the oldest contest in Prague will take place. I would like to invite everyone interested in this contest that will overtake the border of freestyle in Europe. It will be a great pleasure for us to meet all of you again for a massive shred and party. Last two years this event took place in the underground downtown club Luxor, this year we are moving the location to another main club in Prague known as Akropolis. As the contest grows every year the task for higher quality made us choose this place which is one of the oldest and most known clubs in Prague. Todexon will be directly followed by the most crowded party of these days called Hip Hop Foundation featuring battles in Djing, breakdance vs. footbag !!, grafitti, MCing and mainly concerts by top eastern hiphop crews. Come and CZECH it out!
Event Details:

Hostel Clown and Bard is not even five minutes walk from Akropolis
make a reservation on www.clownandbard.com

Special Accomodation offer : Dexter's flat - Massive Kalbing. For more 
information please contact me personally. The fastest wins.

Todexon Schedule:

12.00 - Registration

14.00 - Qualification

16.00 - Shred Contest

17.00 - Semifinals

18.00 - Sick 3 and Finals

20.00 - Lets go! Massive Kalbing party!

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