2002 IFPA European Footbag Championships

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2002 IFPA European Footbag Championships


Tamas Bogo

E-mail: bogotamas@yahoo.com
Alias: tbogo@footbag.org
Battai u. 3/a.

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Budapest, Hungary
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Doubles, Singles Net ( open, interm., women's), 
Doubles, Singles Freestyle (open, interm., women's), 
sick-3, shred contest, golf
This 4 days event will be held in a baketball hall close to the city center and on a football field right next to it. Accomodadion is provided in a youth hostel 10 minutes walking (or 2 bus stops) from the location. It will cost about 12 USDs/night/person. Beside footbag there will be break, BMX flatland and many more
Event Details:
timetable and other details will come up soon
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