Texas State Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

Texas State Footbag Championships


Tina Lewis

Alias: tinalewis@footbag.org
Austin, TX
November 17-18, 2001  (concluded)
Zilker Park Rugby Field
Austin, Texas, USA
Events Offered:
Footbag Net, Footbag Freestyle, Golf, Consecutives

Manually Entered Results

Texas State 2001 Results

Open Freestyle
1.	Red Husted
2.	James Roberts
3.	Derric Scalf
Intermediate Freestyle
1.	Shardul Sarhad
2.	Cody Rushing
3.	Michael Lopez
30 Second Shred ? Open
1.	Red Husted
2.	Derric Scalf
3.	James Roberts
30 Second Shred ? Intermediate
1.	Cody Rushing
2.	Ariel Santesteban
3.	Mike 

Singles Net
1.	James Roberts
2.	Tim Vozar
3.	David Spears
1.	Abraham Akbari
2.	Chris Walser
3.	Chris Gober

Doubles Net
1.	Craig Lord and David Spears
2.	James Roberts and Eric Burgess
3.	Tina Lewis and Kelly Kelley
1.	Russell Nelson and Luis Alvarez
2.	Alex Spears and Zach Longman

Mixed Doubles Net
1.	Tina Lewis and Matt Strong
2.	Kelly Kelley and Eric Burgess

Women?s Singles Net
1.	Tina Lewis
2.	Kelly Kelley

1.	James Roberts
2.	Craig Lord
3.	Derric Scalf

The Texas State Footbag Championships is open to all players from everywhere, beginners are encouraged to come out. We will have novice events. This year's tournament will be casual and fun. Novice Entry free, Intermediate $10.00 and Pro $20.00. Call or e-mail me for further details and a flyer you can print and give to friends. We will be playing footbag net and freestyle at the Zilker Park Rugby Fields on Barton Springs Road, near the entrance to Barton Springs, near the playground and across the street from the soccer fields. Check in and registration is Saturday from 8:30-9:00. We will have an indoor site for freestyle on Sunday afternoon at McBeth recreation center but hopefully lots of freestyle at the Rugby Fields for specators and fun outside. Bring Nets, Golf Holes, Ice Chests, Water etc. Contact: tinalewis@footbag.org
Event Details:
Zilker Park is in the heart of Downtown Austin, very near the river.  There 
is a lot of construction on the part of Barton Springs Road east of the 
site.  This is the part of the Road where all the restaurants are (Chuy's, 
etc.).   If you approach the park from MoPac (Loop 1), west of the site you 
can avoid some of the congestion.   Take the Bee Caves Exit, there is also a 
sign that says Zilker Park. This exit is just south of Downtown and the first 
exit after you cross the River.  Take the exit and go left under MoPac and 
stay right on the feeder road.  This will take you on to Barton Springs Road 
and into the Park.  The entrance to Barton Springs will be on your right as 
you get into the  main part of the park.  As soon as you turn right you will 
see the Rugby Field on the left.  Parking near the playscape or on the far 
side of the Rugby Field.   There is no host hotel but we are close to 
downtown Austin and lots of hotels. See www.statesman.com; austin360.com; and 
www.austin-chamber.org.  Bring an ice chest-picnic, etc.  
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