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Footbag Overview

Footbag is a growing sport, originating in North America, though the sport is now played all over the world. Frequently referred to as Hacky Sack® (the registered trademark for a product manufactured by Wham-O, Inc.), footbag has existed as a competitive sport in several forms since 1972. There are a substantial number of footbag tournaments and festivals each year.

Competitive footbag is governed by the International Footbag Players Association, Inc., a charitable non-profit corporation to promote footbag as an amateur competitive sport. The rules are published by the International Footbag Committee (IFC). The rule book, Rules of Footbag Sports, is available on-line and is translated (or being translated) into many popular languages.

The most popular competitive footbag sports are Footbag Net and Freestyle.

Footbag Net

Footbag Net is a singles or doubles court game, like tennis or volleyball, where players use only their feet to kick the footbag over a five-foot-high net.

Footbag Freestyle

Footbag Freestyle has evolved into a very technical competitive discipline. Players compete by choreographing routines, performing very difficult combinations of footbag tricks to music (much like figure skating). Routines are judged along four axes: presentation, difficulty, variety, and execution.

Article taken from footbag.org

Other info

Late check-in and registration info

Late registration and check-in will run on Sunday, August 10th, at Slavia Athletic Stadium (the event site) from 11am (11.00) to 10pm (22.00).

This is the time when you can arrive, pay your fees if necessary, and get your player's pack. This is the ONLY chance for you to check in if you did not pre-pay by August 7th!! Only "guests" (not competing) or pre-paid players will be able to pick up player's packs after this time.

for more info about check-in and registration check this page

Net schedule updated

Check the latest footbag net schedule

Important update

Hostel capacity of 120 beds have been used so you dont need to mail them anymore. We recomend that you contact other hostels in Prague for cheap accomodation. Please visit the accomodation page to see which we recomend.

Registration now opened

Official registration just launched! See more on registration page on footbag.org!

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