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On Air - footbag on television

"On Air" is a collection of footbag TV appearances, showcasing everything from Hollywood blockbusters to commercials to local TV shows. If you have a video clip to contribute, contact me. This gallery has other related information at:

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Planet X - California - TV segment

This segment was aired all over the U.S. for months, following the release of Aggressive Grounds. Where the video clip stops, the segment went on for about 3 more minutes, showing footage from Aggressive Grounds.(Playing time 83 secs.)
Video by Planet X (California)

She's All That - starring Big Add Chad

Footbag hits the big screen in She's All That. Here Big Add Chad doubles as Freddy Prinze, Jr.(Playing time 140 secs.)
Video by Miramax

Angel of Berlin Music Video, featuring Ryan Mulroney and Ellis Piltz

While in Berlin, Ellis and Ryan were recruited for this music video, interrupting their own video shoot for Ryan's section on Eutopia. It was obviously worth the slight inconvenience. If you want to skip to the footbag stuff, it's at 1:30 and 3:00.(Playing time 235 secs.)
Video by Big Fish Films

Pepsi Do Footbag! Commercial

Pepsi Japan held a major footbag campaign (summer '03), giving away 10 million footbags, and hiring several top players, including 'Big Add' Chad and Carol Wedemeyer for the commercial. Read the full story at time 47 secs.)
Video by Pyramid Films

Poland Phone Commercial

The footbag club from Warsaw, Batalion Zoska, landed a spot on this very well done footbag/mobile phone commercial.(Playing time 20 secs.)
Video by Batalion Zoska - Poland

Jenny Jones Show - Footbag Juggler

Scott Davidson on the Jenny Jones Show promoting footbag and busting some freestyle for millions of viewers.(Playing time 85 secs.)
Video by The Jenny Jones Show

Planet X - Australia - footbag segment

2001 Austalasian Championships held at the Planet X x-treme games in Sydney. Interview with Steve Goldberg and appearance by various Australasian freestylers.(Playing time 90 secs.)
Video by Planet X Australia

New Zealand News Segment

Breaking News from New Zealand. The local crew shows the sportscasters what footbag is all about.(Playing time 115 secs.)
Video by Channel 3 News, New Zealand

Australia National News - footbag coverage

Coverage of the Australian East Coast Championships.(Playing time 45 secs.)
Video by Channel 9 News, Australia

Japan TV Segment

This segment features Naranja, a footbag and juggling shop in Tokyo, with local players in action, including Japanese Champion, Masa. Sorry no English subtitles.(Playing time 122 secs.)
Video by Naranja - Footbag Japan

Japan Commercial

Here is an example of how Naranja promotes footbag in Japan. It's a funny little infomercial, and I really wish I knew what they are saying.(Playing time 20 secs.)
Video by Ellis Piltz

CIVI TV Demo - Vancouver

Jeremy Kumbruch showing some footbag skills on CIVI TV, Vancouver Island, B.C. The clip aired 4 times a day for over a month in 2001.(Playing time 30 secs.)
Video by CIVI TV

German Newscast - Planet Footbag special report

German TV segment filmed during the Olympic Games, presenting footbag as a healthy and highly addictive sport. Produced by RTL, one of the most significant stations in Germany.(Playing time 129 secs.)
Video by RTL

Intersport Commercial (Denmark)

This is a really cool, 30-second commercial, featuring Mads Hole and Mads Neuhard adapting their footbag skills to a wadded-up piece of paper!(Playing time 35 secs.)
Video by

MTV Deutschland : post-worlds 2003

2.5 minute report by MTV in Germany, covering the FCFootstars at the weekly Yaam party in Berlin. (German language only).(Playing time 150 secs.)
Video by Max Kerkhoff

Euros 2004 Commercial

Orange Communications gives Euros a DREAM SPONSORSHIP! This commercial aired once for every ten commercials on the Denmark networks, leading up to the tournament! time 20 secs.)
Video by

Orange footbag commercial 1

Orange Communications gives Euros a DREAM SPONSORSHIP! time 20 secs.)
Video by

Orange footbag commercial 2

Orange Communications gives Euros a DREAM SPONSORSHIP! time 20 secs.)
Video by
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