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What are the current footbag records?

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized footbag consecutives world records since the 1980's. There are several categories of records, all variants of the "consecutives" discipline. The current records are listed below. Please report new records to and contact the World Footbag Association for verification.

10-Minute Timed Doubles One-Pass

Tricia George and Paul Vorvick
Total Kicks in 10 Minutes: 1,415
Date of Record: August 5, 2006
Official Event: Fun in the Park (Wilsonville, Oregon, USA)

Women's Doubles Footbag Consecutive

Constance Constable/Tricia George
Total Kicks: 34,543
Total Time: 5 hrs. 38 mins. 22 sec.
Date of Record: February 18, 1995
Official Event: Heart of Footbag Freestyle Tournament (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Open Doubles Footbag Consecutive

Tricia George/Gary Lautt
Total Kicks: 132,011 (previously 123,456)
Total Time: 20 hrs. 34 mins.
Date of Record: March 21 & 22, 1998
Official Event: Chico, California, USA

Women's Singles Consecutive

Constance Constable
Total Kicks: 24,713
Total Time: 4 hrs. 9 mins. 27 secs.
Date of Record: April 18, 1998
Official Event: California Athletic Club (Monterey, California, USA)

Open Singles Consecutive

Ted Martin
Total Kicks: 63,326
Total Time: 8 hrs. 50 min. 42 sec.
Date of Record: June 14, 1997
Official Event: 1997 Midwest Regionals (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Open 5-Minute Timed Consecutive

Andy Linder
Total Kicks in 5 Minutes: 1019
Date of Record: June 7, 1996
Official Event: Midwest Regional Footbag Championships (Mt. Prospect, Illinois, USA)

Women's 5-Minute Timed Consecutive

Ida Fogle
Total Kicks in 5 Minutes: 804
Date of Record: August 11, 1997
Official Event: 1997 World Footbag Championships (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Largest Footbag Circle

Andy Linder and 945 of his friends
Total Players: 946
Date of Record: July 6, 2001
Official Event: Cornerstone Festival (Bushnell, Illinois, USA)

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