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The Heart of Footbag Freestyle Tournament

Late-Breaking News

The Heart of Footbag Freestyle Tournament is the first of a new series of annual freestyle footbag competitions in Portland, Oregon. The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, February 18-19, 1995 at the Eagles Hall in Portland.

Vital Statistics:

Confirmed attendees are Rippin' Rick Reese, Tricia George, Eric Wulff, Heather Thomas, Heather Muggleton, and many of the best freestylers from the Bay Area Footbag League (BAFL), among others (including the Big Add Posse).

In addition to the competition, there will be a player pack, judging clinics, video testing, cerficiation for add counting & composition category judging, and freestyle workshops for all levels.

Entry Fee of $40 (pro), $15 (intermediate) must be mailed by Feb. 3! For an entry form, contact us as soon as possible. (On-site registration is an extra $5.)

Contact the Sole Purpose Footbag Club for more details:

(503) 236-0939

More Information

...a note from Kendall KIC:
This is a Sole Purpose Footbag Club of Portland update on the Heart of 
Footbag Freestyle Tournament on Sat/Sun February 18, 19, 1995.  The 
events will be Women's & Open Singles and Team Freestyle and Mixed 
Doubles Freestyle.  Entry fee is $40.00.  I am working with the American 
Heart Association to raise corporate sponsors (the prize money goal is 

The the freestyle competition will be directed by Kenny.  The plan is to 
judge the subjective portion of the freestyle routines while they are 
performed, and the objective part of the routine by video review with 
the competitor(s).  

Sole Purpose Members would be happy to provide sleeping accommodations 
(really, I can vouch for them).  The Riverside Inn is the host hotel and 
has rooms w/two double beds for a flat rate of $60.00.  Call me to set 
up lodging (503) 236-0939.

We are raising per kick pledges from corporate and individual sponsors 
for Kenny and Tricia's world record breaking attempts in 5-minute timed 
consecutives.  Considering how much this sport makes your heart pound I 
think the American Heart Association is an appropriate side kick.  
Tricia and Constance have decided it is way past time to raise the ante
for the women's doubles consecutive record (21,025 set on 7/31/86).  
Their doubles record attempt will happen Sun. 2/19/95 morning.

Hope to kick with you all soon.  Kendall KIC

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