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How do I get my site listed on your "Links" section?

We have a relatively strict policy about what we'll link to. If your site is footbag-related and is not a club (since we have a club listing service for that), then feel free to recommend it to us. Simply click on the Links menu item to the right, and at the top you'll see a link to "suggest your site". Click it. Read the detailed instructions and policies before requesting a link, then follow all the directions. Here's the list of policies:

  • We don't link to personal "home pages" -- only to sites that have substantial amounts of information or offerings that footbag players and aficionados will be interested in.
  • We don't link to individual club pages -- those are automatically linked into our service from our club list.
  • Any false information will immediately invalidate your request.
  • We like to link to not-for-profit sites, especially information sites specifically relating to footbag within large regions (such as countries).
  • Our links section is not a paid advertising "distribution" channel. It is simply for the edification of our audience and membership. Please do not ask us to advertise for you.
  • Our administrators are working overtime keeping IFPA's website fresh as well as supporting our growing base of over 10,000 free website members. So, please go easy on the administrator who replies to your request. We are a charitable non-profit, all-volunteer organization.
Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 6-Feb-2004.
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