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  1. Do I have to be a member to use this site?
    No, of course not. This site is a free information service of the non-profit International Footbag Players' Association. We want people to visit it and get as much information from our site as possible. However, we do have some areas of our site that are member-only areas -- specifically, the mem... -->full answer
  2. How can I reset my password or my e-mail associated with my membership?
    First of all, please understand that is not like hotmail -- we desperately want to avoid having our members create new accounts every time the wind changes direction! So, please work with us to restore you existing account rather than creating a new one. That said, we have a simple au... -->full answer
  3. Where do I send e-mail if I have a question?
    Unfortunately, while it may appear is run by a huge corporation with thousands of employees and millions of dollars in resources, the reality is, it's really run by one guy and a few of his friends. So, it's really really really better if you can answer your own questions. That's why we ... -->full answer
  4. How do I get my site listed on your "Links" section?
    We have a relatively strict policy about what we'll link to. If your site is footbag-related and is not a club (since we have a club listing service for that), then feel free to recommend it to us. Simply click on the Links menu item to the right, and at the top you'll see a link to "suggest your si... -->full answer
  5. How do I create a club listing?
    First of all, you need to be a member first before you can register your club. Once you've created your account and are logged in to the site, you'll see an 'Add your Club' link towards the top your profile on your home page. Please simply follow the easy onscreen instructions from that point on :) ... -->full answer
  6. How can I use my e-mail alias most effectively?
    If you are a member of, you already have an e-mail alias even if you don't realize it. Basically, your member name plus makes up your e-mail address. (E.g., mine is brat @ When mail is sent to your alias at, it gets immediately redirected to your pe... -->full answer
  7. Can I copy and use text, photos, and/or videos from your site on my own site?
    Probably not. That's why we have "copyright" on the bottom of every single page on our site. We retain the right on behalf of our contributors to these images, and we have the right to control where those images appear. That doesn't mean you can't use them in "fair use" ways -- but we simply do not ... -->full answer
  8. How do I get my address off your mailing list(s)?
    We're glad you asked. We believe in privacy and do everything we can to protect yours. And, to back that up, we do not allow anyone to join our e-mail discussion lists without sending a confirmation e-mail every time someone tries to join. (We hate sites that don't do this.) Also, note that we do... -->full answer
  9. I am doing a research project involving footbag; can you help me with it?
    Believe it or not, we get this question on a regular basis. The answer is "no". Sorry, but we are not a personal research service. While we're very excited to see footbag growing and to see people interested in it enough to include it in research projects, we simply can't do any more than we alre... -->full answer
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