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Where do I send e-mail if I have a question?

Unfortunately, while it may appear is run by a huge corporation with thousands of employees and millions of dollars in resources, the reality is, it's really run by one guy and a few of his friends. So, it's really really really better if you can answer your own questions. That's why we built this F.A.Q. section.

Please do us a favor. Try to research the issue yourself to avoid making us do the research for you. Or, consider finding other people to do your work for you (we have thousands of contacts listed in various places on this website for more specific things -- such as clubs near you, events in your area, topic-specific discussion lists, links to related sites, etc.) Basically, understand that every e-mail you send us is work for us -- we want to answer every e-mail and we want to give the best service and help we can to members of the online community.

If, after you've spent your own time trying to answer your question, using the plethora of resources we've made available (be sure you've clicked on each of the menu items along the side of this screen and exhausted all possible online methods, and all possible alternative contacts), you still need an answer directly from us, please feel free to write us.

But we can't give you the address, because spammers will copy it and spam us. So, we'll spell it out in long form. Send e-mail to info at footbag dot org.

Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 8-Sep-2002.
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