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How do I get my address off your mailing list(s)?

We're glad you asked. We believe in privacy and do everything we can to protect yours. And, to back that up, we do not allow anyone to join our e-mail discussion lists without sending a confirmation e-mail every time someone tries to join. (We hate sites that don't do this.)

Also, note that we don't advertise products, nor sell or give our mailing lists to anyone else. These lists (all the discussion lists) are for your benefit as members of the footbag community, as part of our non-profit objectives in bringing together the real community of footbag players around the world.

Now, how do you get off the lists?

Unfortunately, we don't have a good way for you to find out which lists you're currently on, so you need to know this. You can tell though by seeing where mail is sent that you are getting. For example, if you see mail that says: To:, then you're on the announcements list. If you see mail that says, To:, then, lucky you, you're on the freestyle discussion list. Everyone on any list is automatically added to the announcements list, by the way.

Once you know which list you want to remove yourself from, you simply go to the LIST SERVICE website, and click the "unsubscribe" link for the corresponding list. You'll be required (unfortunately) to verify your e-mail address before we can unsubscribe you, because we've had trouble with spammers trying to remove people against their will. (Note: if you no longer have access to the account and want to let us know it's no longer valid, please just e-mail the administrators directly. We can't tell you the e-mail address, though, because if we did, spammers would harvest it and spam us. What a great world, huh?)

Anyway, please remember, "you get out the same way you got in", and for future reference, save the message you get whenever you join a mailing list, since it will usually have information on it for how to get off again later.

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Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 8-Sep-2002.
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