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How can I reset my password or my e-mail associated with my membership?

First of all, please understand that is not like hotmail -- we desperately want to avoid having our members create new accounts every time the wind changes direction! So, please work with us to restore you existing account rather than creating a new one.

That said, we have a simple automated way to recover your old account, by simply searching using your full, real name. Go to our FIND MY ACCOUNT page to find your account, then follow the directions there.

If you happen to have the same name as one or more of our other members, please be sure to pick the right account, as this will save you time. If your e-mail address is correct on your account, you will be able to get your password right away. If your e-mail is out of date and you forgot your password, never fear, just click the button to ask for help and be sure to type in your correct e-mail address so we can reset your account. We usually respond within an hour to this type of request, as long as there are no questions and you are clear in your request.

Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 8-Sep-2002.
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