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Do I have to be a member to use this site?

No, of course not. This site is a free information service of the non-profit International Footbag Players' Association. We want people to visit it and get as much information from our site as possible.

However, we do have some areas of our site that are member-only areas -- specifically, the member directory itself (you must be a member to find other members) and sections that allow users to contribute information and content to the site. To keep our site fresh and the content reasonable, we require validated e-mail addresses and reserve the right to remove profiles and associated information of members whose e-mail addresses stop working.

Basic membership is free -- you must simply answer a few questions and verify your identity. We do require REAL NAMES, though, as the whole point is to create a virtual community to support the real community of footbag players out there. So, if you don't want to join the real community by giving us (and other players) your real name, then don't bother joining.

We also offer an upgraded membership -- which is an annual membership to the International Footbag Players' Association. Membership in the IFPA has benefits that are listed on the IFPA section of the site (see for more information.) Membership in IFPA gives our users special access to areas of the site reserved for IFPA members -- including, but not limited to, the ability to add events to our event listing, the automatic elevation of club listings to "premier" status on our club list, and the right to register online for IFPA-sanctioned footbag events. (And more.) For more details on IFPA membership, see the IFPA Membership reference page.

Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 4-Feb-2007.
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