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Footbag In General

  1. What are the main footbag sports in a nutshell?
    Please read the Sport of Footbag Overview page.
  2. How do I learn to play?
    If you want to learn to play freestyle, you should do the following (we know all are not possible, but do your best!): read the freestyle section of the FAQ; study the on-line move list; get a footbag designed for freestyle (see the footbag guide); buy a copy of Tricks of the Trade, an instru... -->full answer
  3. Where did footbag come from?
    Footbag is a modern American sport. It was invented in 1972 in Oregon City, Oregon, when John Stalberger met Mike Marshall, who had been kicking around a hand-made bean bag. John had recently had knee surgery and was looking for a way to work on his flexibility, and he instantly took to the game an... -->full answer
  4. Is footbag really an organized sport?
    Most certainly! Competitive footbag is governed by the International Footbag Players' Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization with the current board members spread around the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The IFPA, which is an entirely volunteer, member-run organization, fun... -->full answer
  5. Where can I find the Rules of Footbag Sports?
    The sport of footbag is an organized sport that has been governed by an international committee for most of its existence. The official rules body is called the International Footbag Committee, whose website is at The Official Rules of Footbag Sports are documented onlin... -->full answer
  6. How do you play footbag four-square?
    These are the current rules that most player play by. The IFPA is actually in the process of formulating a more official set of rules based on the last five years of evolution of the game. Please consider the below as a guideline for now, pending a more formal set of rules in the official rule book... -->full answer
  7. Is there a footbag club in my area?
    We don't know. All we know is what you and our other members tell us. You can find out what other members have put up on our site in one of two ways: 1. Become a member of and search our member directory for players in your area, and/or, 2. Whether you're a member or not, view ... -->full answer
  8. Is there a footbag tournament or other event coming up in my area?
    We don't know. All we know is what you and our other members tell us. If you click on the EVENTS icon in our menu, you'll be taken to the current listing of all events we know about. Please don't e-mail us asking about events because believe us, if we knew about them, they'd already be on our ev... -->full answer
  9. Where can I buy a good footbag?
    This is the most common question we get. Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. Footbag is still a very new sport, and finding a good footbag is more an art than a science. The short answer is: buy them from one of the companies on our related links page; buy them online from the World F... -->full answer
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