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Steve Goldberg

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San Carlos, CA, USA

Stanford University Footbag Club

Stanford, California, USA
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This is the first club on the internet, and the second University-sanctioned club in the world (after U.C. Berkeley). It was founded in 1992 though there has been a standing footbag circle at Stanford since 1987.

We play weekly on Tuesdays in White Plaza from 3-5pm.

New members are always welcome. If you're new to footbag, we'll teach you, starting with the basics. Or if you already have some experience, please come out and freestyle or challenge us to a game of four-square.

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Kicking Times and Locations

We play EVERY TUESDAY almost without fail, 3-5pm, at White 
Plaza (just in front of the Stanford U. Post Office near Tresidder Union). See
map above.

Sometimes we start earlier, especially in the winter. Please contact
us before coming out to verify, especially in the summers (though we
play almost every week in the summer, too!).

From US-101, exit Embarcadero Rd. west towards Palo Alto. Stay on Embarcadero
for a couple of miles, through a lot of needless traffic lights, until you
find yourself on Stanford campus (just after you cross El Camino). The street
you're on will change names to Galvez (you need to know this for your return).
Continue on Galvez past the Stanford Stadium (on your left) until you get to a
major 4-way stop sign at Campus Drive. Turn LEFT onto Campus Drive East.
Follow Campus Drive East through about 10 stop signs (no, I'm not kidding) to
Mayfield Dr. You'll basically be circling the left side of the campus,
clockwise, and ending up on the far side from where you came in (if you
could only go straight on Galvez, you'd be happy, but alas, it's not possible
to get through).  Turn RIGHT onto Mayfield Dr. (off Campus Dr. East) and go
one block until the next stop sign, where you're forced to turn left. Turn
LEFT and then go a few yards until you hit yet another stop sign (they love
stop signs on Stanford campus). Watch out for the bikes. Turn RIGHT at that
stop sign into the Tresidder Student Union parking lot. Continue at the * below.

From I-280, exit at Page Mill east towards Palo Alto. Follow Page Mill to the
SECOND LIGHT, which is Junipero Serra to the left and Foothill Expwy. to the
right. Turn LEFT onto Junipero Serra. Follow Junipero Serra to the first light
(Stanford Ave.) -- turn RIGHT onto Stanford Ave. Follow Stanford Ave. through
the light at Peter Coutts and continue to the first stop sign (at Bowdoin). At
that first stop sign, turn LEFT onto Bowdoin. Follow Bowdoin through one stop
sign, and turn LEFT at the second stop sign -- Campus Drive East. (NOTE: that
left turn onto Campus Drive from Bowdoin is tricky. Be careful.) Follow Campus
Drive East through a few more stop signs until you reach Mayfield Drive. Turn
RIGHT onto Mayfield Drive. Continue one block on Mayfield until you're forced
to turn left at a stop sign. Turn left and then after only a few yards you'll
hit yet another stop sign. Watch for bikes. Turn RIGHT at that stop sign into
the Tresidder Student Union parking lot.

*From Tresidder Student Union parking lot, it's just a 3-minute walk to White
Plaza. But before I tell you how to get there, check your watch. If it's
before 4pm on a week-day, you'll need to PAY FOR PARKING. Don't sweat it, you
only have to pay UNTIL 4pm. If you get there at 3:55, don't pay. But they do
enforce the meters so if you get there before 3:55, you should pay until at
least 4. The machine you pay at will print the time on it. Make sure it's 4 or
later because if they do find your car in the intervening minutes you can get
a ticket if you didn't make sure you were paid 'til 4. Anyway, it's something
like $1.50 an hour. I usually just use my credit card and pay for an hour.

Okay, finally, to walk to the spot (White Plaza), you just find the front
entrance of Dinkelspiel Auditorium which is across from Tresidder Union if you
walk on the main path towards the center of campus. If you see the front of
Dinkelspiel, and keep it to your right as you head down and around the
building, you'll find yourself in White Plaza. (I.e., White Plaza is around
the left side of Dinkelspiel.) It's not that close, so don't hug the side of
the building lest you find yourself in the bushes. Anyway, we almost always
play in front of the "birdcage" which is an open gazebo-like structure (I
guess it's art) that students hang banners from during the school year. If you
find that structure and we're not there, chances are either you're early,
late, or something caused us to move. In that case, look around. We're never
far from that spot -- if it's raining, we play under a nearby overhang which
you can see from that spot. If you think you're early, just wait at the
gazebo-like thingie.
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