Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


Scott Davidson

Willow Springs, IL, USA
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
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The Midwest Footbag Association focuses on the promotion of the sport of footbag. We are an umbrella organization, providing centralized support for all of the clubs in our area. There are no membership dues, all we ask for is a copy of the club roster plus annual updates.

Our focus is on promotion. The MFA notifies members of upcoming sanctioned events by email only. We assist member clubs (and anyone) in the establishment, production and/or promotion of events, including:

  • Weekly Kicking Sites
  • Monthly Tournaments
  • Club Set-up and Maintenance
  • Kicking at Existing Festivals
  • ...and more!

For More Information:

MIDWEST FOOTBAG ASSOCIATION has its own home page on the World-Wide Web, where you can find more detailed information. Click here to go to the club's home page.
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