Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


Jan Struz

Praha-Vychod, Czech Republic
Phone: (00420) 603 435 677

Tomas Tyrpekl

Barcelona, Spain

Vojta Polák

Prague, Czech Republic
Phone: (+420)739058235

Czech Footbag Association

Praha, Czech Republic
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Welcome, Czech Footbag Association (CFA) is a public non-profit organization that was founded in January 2002. CFA is here to organize and develop the footbag sport on the entire area of CR, to ensure the development and popularity increase of all footbag sports, to take care of the national representation and to represent the Czech footbag in CR and abroad, to set up the organization rules, technical and economical restrictions. To supervise the world footbag rules fulfilment on Czech footbag competitions and to satisfy all interests of CFA members, increase CFA members and the methodical management of footbag clubs.

Kicking Times and Locations

For more info on our locations and schedules please contact clubs in 
Czech Republic through e-mail or phone. These are available at in the Team section. Thx

For More Information:

Czech Footbag Association has its own home page on the World-Wide Web, where you can find more detailed information. Click here to go to the club's home page.
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