Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


John P. Penaloza

Rockport, MA, USA

Luis Alberto Sarmiento Narro

Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela
Phone: 58412-7004916

Fucheros Unidos del Ateneo

Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela
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We are one of the largest groups in Caracas, Venezuela, who regularly (weekends) get together to play. We invite anyone living in or just visiting Caracas to come kick it around. We meet informally year-round (at the place and times below), and occasionally hold freestyle and net competitions.

In our group, we've got all types of players: beginners who've just kicked a footbag for the first time, intermediate and advanced players; players who are really into freestyle or footbag net or both (most of us); girls and guys of all ages. Come on down!

When we get together to play some of us offer for sale hand-made Venezuelan footbags (which we here call fushi-bolas) at very reasonable prices. These are: 2-60 panel leather type, crocheted (sipa-sipa type) and synthetics (8,12,14,20,32 and 60 panel soft freestyle type).

Kicking Times and Locations

Saturdays 3-6pm, Plaza de los Museos
Sundays 2-7pm, Plaza de los Museos

Plaza de los Museos, Ateneo de Bellas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela.

Take the Caracas Metro main line (Linea 1) to Bellas Artes station. Walk east 
two blocks to the Ateneo de Caracas (across the street from the Caracas 
Continue walking another 100 yards east to the large circular plaza between 
the Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Science. (The Plaza de los
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