Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


Chad Devlahovich

San Pedro, CA, USA
Phone: 310-832-2883

Bryan Reno Fournier

Culver City, CA, USA
Phone: (310) 836-6750

OOPS! Freestyle

Los Angeles, California, USA
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23 members
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We are OOPS! Freestyle

Membership in OOPS! Location is irrelevant... only style matters.


OOPS! Local:

Mike Stoler
Greg Grandy
Sam Gregory
Chad Devlahovich
Eric Windsor
Aaron Omatsu, Jesse Shriber + Delvon
Itay Kahaner
Bryan Fournier
Christian in Riverside(Go Austria!)
Chris Pinkus
Jeremy Mirken
Nate Maertens (Dr. Ridiculous)
Malcolm Gultt (MovieStar in Action)
Tom Wheeler (M.I.A.)
Sean Fura
Satya Leonard
Dat Phan
Marc Phillips
OOPS! Extraterrestrial:

Mike Jauss (New Mexico)
Josh Childs (N.Y)
James Risden ("Riz", C.I.C.)
Jim Penske (Idaho)
Spencer Behm (Utah)

Kicking Times and Locations

Anywhere,Anytime (we're free), Just call...
Bring your Lavers if you got 'em. : )

For More Information:

OOPS! Freestyle has its own home page on the World-Wide Web, where you can find more detailed information. Click here to go to the club's home page.
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