Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


Aaron R. Clevenger

Tucson, AZ, USA
Phone: 7654218147

Tucson Wild Footbag Cats

Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Hello freestyle footbag players! My name is Aaron, and I have been involved with the sport of footbag since 2002, when I went to my first Footbag World Championships in San Francisco. I won the intermediate freestyle Canadian Championships one year later in Vancouver, B.C., and since then have tried to stay active with the sport for fun, health, and because I simply love this game and trying to hit new tricks. I also learned how to stitch footbags in 2005, and if you would like a very good high quality footbag, just let me know and I will stitch one up for you. I play footbag here in Tucson by myself usually about 2-3 times per week. I am interested in reaching out to people in Tucson that have interest in learning more about the sport, and to play with anyone and everyone that likes to play footbag traveling through the area.

Kicking Times and Locations

Give me a call or text and we can set something up. The University of Arizona is very centrally located and has both 
indoor and outdoor areas to play. Pima Community College also has a number of campuses in town that make for good 
shred spots. Himmel Park has a juggling club that practices on Thursday nights. Let me know, and we will shred!
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