Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


Nicholas Dylan Thornton

Pueblo, CO, USA
Phone: 7196399518

Sole Control

Pueblo, Colorado, USA
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Welcome to Sole Control--- Southern Colorado's Footbag Club. Improvement through Training and Competition. Colorado Springs... Pueblo... Canon City...and all of southern Colorado towns

Kicking Times and Locations

The "Slabs" footbag courts on 29th and Elizabeth in Pueblo CO, Evenings from 5pm til ANY.  
Come down and join the circle.  All players, of all skill levels are welcome in the 
circle.  Message or E-Mail me @ with questions or if you are planning 
a first time visit to one of the sessions so I can keep and eye for you and have an idea 
of how many players we will have.
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