Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


Luke Collins

Derby, United Kingdom

"Bunch of Tossers!" Juggling & Footbag

Derby, United Kingdom
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Hi, We're a group of footbag & juggling enthusiasts with a dry sense of humour... We are mainly jugglers, however, we have become obsessed with footbag over the last few years (it is after all, juggling with your feet!). We want to increase the popularity of Footbag and encourage people to play with their balls... ;)

Kicking Times and Locations

As we are a small group we have frequent meets during the week and try to arrange at least
one weekend day for us all to meet.

We would love to meet more UK footbaggers! Please feel free to drop us a text on 07974282335

For More Information:

"Bunch of Tossers!" Juggling & Footbag has its own home page on the World-Wide Web, where you can find more detailed information. Click here to go to the club's home page.
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