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Footbag Club Listing


Artur Roszczyn

Paris, France
Phone: +33630382065

TSB - The Shred Brothers

Sofia - Pernik - Varna, Bulgaria
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This is our "old school" freestyle club
Please old members join it now so we can have some history here :)
The club was started by Pavel, Artur, Ivo and Lasko in 2001 (Sofia) and quickly expanded to other cities as our friends joined us. We were and are the main freestyle footbag club in Bulgaria.

Our team members have won all of the Bulgarian local freestyle competitions from 2002 - 2008
We had some Todexon participations

In net footbag we have reached finals 3 times on doubles (won one of them in Varna)

The club was deactivated in 2008, and was restarted in 2014

Most recent club reunion happened on 17th European footbag championship in Sofia Bulgaria 2015

You can follow us on

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