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Jason T. Mann

Knoxville, TN, USA

Knoxville Footbag Association

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
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What up shredaholics, This is the main domain for the Knoxville Footbag Association (KFA). We are many members strong and are trying to get the K-town footbag scene in full motion. This is the only footbag club in our area and we welcome ALL skill levels. Novices to master-shredders will have a good time in our circles. We have some folks with 5 ADD tricks and we have a few newcomers starting with toe stalls. Whether you want to come learn new tricks or help spread the skills to others, get your ass down here to kick with us. You can check out some of our videos on Youtube and on our Facebook page. We try to reach as many folks as we can and would love to have any potential members show up - or if you are just passing through town, we could host a circle. Either way come down and support your local footbag club.

Kicking Times and Locations

We are currently meeting once a week on Wednesday evenings. We meet @ 6PM at Market
Square, or at UT.
We usually kick for a few hours before quitting time. 
Call or email one of us if you want to stop by.

For more information, or directions, 
call Jason Mann at 865-776-8208.
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