Footbag Club Listing

Footbag Club Listing


Chris Ott

Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Phone: 707 576-8145

United Flyers of Sonoma, UFOS

Santa Rosa, California, USA
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The United Flyers of Sonoma, UFOS, have been established as the top alternative sports club in Sonoma County, California since the early 1980's. Supporting both Disc and Footbag Sports, the UFOS have hosted many major events like the annual Indian Summer Festival and is the birth place of the Western Regional Footbag Championships. Historical UFOS members include Disc Freestyle Master and World Champion, Kevin "Skippy" Givens and Footbag Hall of Famer, Chris Ott. The UFOS need a new start with fresh members. Join this club and continue the tradition for the UFOS. We can find a place to practice and get something started. Who is in?

Kicking Times and Locations

Santa Rosa Junior College has a kick every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 in 
the Quad.  Come and enjoy some kicks with us.

Footbag net and freestyle on Sonoma State University Campus near Duck Pond 
and around campus.  Also look in downtown Cotati at the park for players. The closest 
competitive Net play is on weekends in Golden Gate Park (Peacock Meadow)on Sat. and 

Santa Rosa High School Footbag Club is inviting other Santa Rosa high 
schools to form footbag clubs, start practicing, so we can get together and play and/or 

Competitive footbag training for the Net game every Saturday, 1AM, at 
Lake Side Park, Park View Terrace and Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA.  Contact
Chaos footbag Club at 510 917-5880 or .  Chaos footbag
club members include many Historical figures as well as the 2008 World 
Doubles Net Champions.

Disc Golf is played on the famed Sonoma State University Disc Course. Also 
see for local disc sports. 

Learn to play footbag sports.  Get a badmitten net and start ralling with your friends.
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