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Footbag Club Listing


Jonathan Felix

Savannah, GA, USA
Phone: 912-484-8430

Riverside Kicks

Savannah, Georgia, USA
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Mostly Freestyle..Got a Net?......Sounds Good.... Just lookin' for good people to kick with.... C------YA

Kicking Times and Locations

Anytime .....
Anywhere...I don't mind traveling 
for a good kicking session, so if you run into 
this club, let me know, when & where... And, I will be there...

Ok, I work alot. So kicking isn't getting done as much as it should.  I still 
kick 2-3 times a week.  Usually at Atlantic Avenue after work.  During the 
summer time, I like to go out to Tybee Island on the beach.  Mr. Scott 
Floyd's house is always a great spot for a session.   Take care, keep 
kickin', and call or e-mail if your in the area.
Thanxx... Felix 

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