Footbag Freestyle is the artistic form of the sport. It can be a flurry of difficult moves the eye can hardly follow, or it can be smooth and flowing, as if in slow motion. This variety makes freestyle competitions very difficult to judge. To simplify the task, competitors are judged along four dimensions: choreography, difficulty, variety, and execution.

Players choreograph routines to music, and are judged on how well their style of play matches their choice of music. They are also judged on their originality and creativity.


Open Single Freestyle is for the best freestyle competitors in the world. In this discipline the audience will encounter unbelievable tricks and combinations to the beat of the music. See it to believe it! Routine time: 2 mn

Women’s Open Single Freestyle, of course footbag is for girls as well as boys and this discipline is for the female freestyle competitors. There is an increasing number of competitors each year and their technical ability is exploding. Routine time: 2 mn

Open Double Freestyle or “Team Freestyle” is a great alternative to singles freestyle, for the competitors as well as the audience. See what happens when two legs turn into four! Routine time: 3 mn

Intermediate Single Freestyle is intended for less experienced players but is nevertheless a great attraction. Routine time: 90 sec


Circle Contest is a new form of a footbag freestyle competition based on the usual playing and training habbits of most footbag players. This discipline is very close to break-dance batlles. Players perform head-to-head in a Circle. Those who show the most overall skill advance to the next level. Judges evaluate the players’ performances based on difficulty, variety and execution. A referee oversees the Circle and maintains a fair competition, by ensuring players respect the etiquette.


  • Open Singles Routine
  • Open Doubles Routine
  • Open Shred :30
  • Open Circle Contest
  • Women Singles Routine
  • Women Shred :30
  • Women Circle Contest
  • Open Mixed Doubles Routine
  • Intermediate Singles Routine


Footbag Net is a singles or doubles court game, like tennis or volleyball, where players use only their feet to kick the footbag over
a five-foot-high net. The footbag may not contact a player’s body except below the knee. The rules for doubles net are a lot like
volleyball: players are allowed three kicks per side, and must alternate kicks. In singles, however, players are only allowed two kicks per side.

Footbag Net combines the court strategy of tennis with the set-and-spike strategy of volleyball. Players frequently spike the footbag over the net, using either the sole of the foot, a sweeping inside kick, or an outside push. Even more remarkable than the spikes are the “digs” players use to defend against the spikes. Players also block spikes in the air with amazing foot-to-foot battles over the net.

The playing court is 20′ x 44′, divided into 4 equal serving quadrants, similar to a badminton court. Serves are cross-court,
similar to tennis.


Singles Net
All singles net matches will be played using rally scoring – each rally results into a point.

Doubles Net

All doubles net matches will be played using
classic side-out scoring – only the serving team can score points.


  • Open Singles Net
  • Open Doubles Net
  • Open Mixed Doubles Net
  • Women Doubles Net
  • Women Singles Net
  • Intermediate Singles Net
  • Intermediate Doubles Net
  • Masters Singles Net
  • Masters Doubles Net



Footbag golf is a recreational sport for everybody, regardless of age, gender or ability. The object of the golf game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of kicks of the footbag. Each kick is made from where the footbag came to rest after the last kick. Footbag golf is a game that expects high standards of etiquette and courtesy. Among the basic considerations of etiquette are such things as: respect for plant life on the course, and allowing faster groups to play through if asked. Footbag golf can be as challenging as any of the other footbag games, but it is the easiest to learn, because players are not required to link consecutive kicks.

There will also be :
– Open Side 3 Trick Contest
– Open Request Contest
-Open 2 Square

July 27 – August 2, 2014