Freestyle Results

Please find the detailed Freestyle Results to date:

Open Circle Contest – Results:

Round 1:  (Monday)  Open Circle Contest Qualifications
Round 2:  (Wednesday)  Open Circle Contest Semifinals
Round 3: (Friday) Open Circle Contest Finals

Open Singles Routines – Results:

Round 1:  (Tuesday)  Open Singles Routines Qualifications
Round 2:  (Wednesday)  Open Singles Routines Semifinals
Round 3: (Friday) Open Singles Routines Finals

Women’s Singles Routines – Results:

Round 1:  (Tuesday)  Women’s Singles Routines Semifinals
Round 2: (Friday) Women’s Singles Routines Finals

Open Doubles Routines – Results:

Round 1: (Friday) Open Doubles Routines Finals

Open Shred:30 – Results:

Round 1: (Tuesday) Open Shred:30 Qualifications (details…)
Round 2: (Thursday) Open Shred:30 Finals (details…)

Women’s Shred:30 – Results:

Round 1: (Thursday) Women’s Shred:30 Finals (details…)

Intermediate Singles Routines – Results:

Round 1:  (Tuesday)  Intermediate Singles Routines – Qualifications
Round 2:  (Wednesday)  Intermediate Singles Routines Finals

Freestyle Seedings and Pools

Please click on each link below to view/download/print the seedings and final pool assignments for the first round of all official events.

Note: all pools below are subject to change, but only when absolutely necessary, and with advance warning to all players via postings and announcements at the event site.  Players: it is your responsibility to verify your pool and/or judging assignment the day of competition.

Monday, 1pm: Open Circle Contest Qualifications (with judging assignments for top 10 seeds)

Tuesday, 12pm: Intermediate Singles Routines Semifinals

Tuesday, 12:30pm: Women’s Singles Routines Semifinals

Tuesday, 1pm: Open Singles Routines Qualifications

Tuesday, 3:45pm: Open Shred:30 Semifinals

Thursday, 5pm: Women’s Shred:30 Finals (one round only)

Friday, 6:30pm: Open Doubles Routines Finals (one round only)

Friday, 8:15pm: Women’s Circle Contest Finals (one round only)

See the full event schedule for the days and times of remaining rounds and events.

All remaining rounds and events will be posted at the event site during the afternoon preceding. Please check postings at the event site and listen for announcements of results and pools, which will be provided as soon as they are available.

July 27 – August 2, 2014