Alternative Options

To all you broke baggers, we usually have a tradition of hosting as many poor fellows at our own places, but this time, since it’s the Worlds and all, we are keeping two prime personal locations for our staff.

We have other places you could crash at, but not that many so we’ll treat all requests in the order they come and until we have filled all spots available. So If you have requests for inside footbagger hosting options, send your emails to with the subject “IFH”. I will treat every demand as swiftly as humanly possible.

Update : I will not take any more requests for IFH, essentially because I already didn’t manage to find a place for everyone who has asked. The next best alternative would be the CISP Kellerman.

Otherwise there is always couchsurfing or airbnb which you all probably already know. Airbnb also has average or expensive options, so knock yourselves out. We have asked for a discount on their reservations but have had no response so far.

Finally, there is only one decent Hostel in the area, the Oops, we couldn’t cut any deals but at 42€/night with breakfast included it’s a fair deal already.

July 27 – August 2, 2014