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Ted Huff

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Footbag Hall of Fame
Vancouver, WA
I met John "Mr. Hacky Sack" Stalberger in 1973, and saw his idea of a new game and sport as a great adventure for a lifetime. I helped found the original Hacky Sack co., and was sales manager until it was finally sold to Whamo(Frisbee) co. I am most proud of helping found the original players association, NHSA, in 1977, and serving as v.p., doing whatever it took to bring FOOTBAG to life as a sport & game! I co-founded the Footbag Hall of Fame in 1997, and co-directed the 1997 World Championships. The Footbag Hall of Fame members, the HoF Historical Society honors the people that have made the sport. To date, there are over 60 members in the Footbag Hall of Fame, voted in by their peers. This is an honor all players and the sport's promoters/teachers can work toward as part of their goals to recieve from their personal involvement in this great,new world sport and game! The criteria is very simple: the person must have clearly demonstrated by their innovation, inspiration, teaching, promoting, play, club development, and tournament development, that they have made a significant difference in the growth of the sport worldwide, past to present. Send your nominations and testimonials to the HoF Nominations Committee at: between January and March 31st. I have turned over all director's duties of the HoF to it's nominations committee chairman. Currently that is Tim Vozar. I am also a Beaver Open Hall of Fame member !! Keep on Kicking ! and, ......Pass It On !! Ted Huff, Footbag Pioneer's Club, game founder, IFPA Lifetime member. game/sport sponsor

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