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Last Login: Sat Oct 22 13:28:36 2022
Marco Doebeli

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ID: 83668
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Joined: 03/02/18
Tier 2: Expired: 03/02/19
Lausanne, Vaud
Co-founder of the 1st footbag club in Switzerland planetfootbag Switzerland which became later Sole Rebels Zurich (1999) Co-founder of planetfootbag international (together with Jan and Ole) (1999) Founding member of the Swiss Footbag Association (SFA, Member of the organisation committee of the 1st Swiss Footbag Championships (2001) and the unforgettable FootJam Swiss Open (2003,2004,2005). Best tournament rankings (Freestyle routine) : 2001 Swiss Championships Zurich : 7th 2004 Swiss Championships Lausanne :8th 'Choose the ball' & pf 'bringing you the world of footbag' FOREVER.

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