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Greg Cortopassi

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Boulder, CO
Greg was introduced to Footbag, at that time known as Hacky Sack, by his brother in 1979. One year later he met John Stalberger “Mr. Hacky Sack” in Alaska and was invited to promote Footbag full time. In 1985 at the top of his game, he blew his knee out, which took him out of competitive play. He kept promoting tirelessly until he retired in 1989. Greg has a reputation for his contagious enthusiasm for the game and sport of Footbag, Here are some of his accomplishments and contributions as a player, promoter and teacher: • Original investor of Hacky Sack company Kenncorp Sports • First round HOF inductee in 1997 • Vice President of National Hacky Sack Association • Co-founder and co-director of World Footbag Association & PAB (IFAB) • Member of first National Hacky Sack and World Footbag Tour Team • Two time National Footbag Freestyle Champion • Colorado State Footbag Net Champion • Choreographer and mentor of National & International Hacky Sack & World Footbag Tour Teams • Co-founder and producer of the first 7 World Footbag Championships, National Footbag Training Camps, local, regional and national Hacky Sack and Frisbee festivals • Co-creator Firebag, Footbag Golf, Speed Consecutive, Distance One Pass and upgrading Footbag Net rules to what they are today • Over 1000 performances in over 700 schools in over 40 states and multiple countries including Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and countries within Europe and South America. • Member of the Coors Light Pro Footbag team: sponsored by Nike, Whamo, OP, Pepsi, Yoplait Yogurt, Vans Shoes, Kaapa, • Did over 100 media interviews including People Magazine, ESPN, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, The Jack LaLanne and Bob Uecker’s Wacky World of Sports, multiple PM Magazines, New York and Los Angeles Times and Honolulu Star. • Choreographed and performed in 4 NBA, National Hockey and Indoor Soccer Half-time programs • Taught Footbag to US Ski Team, NBA & NFA players and Kevin Costner for movie Silverado, • Co-author of first Footbag player Instructional Manual, Video and How to Form Footbag Clubs • Co-producer of World Footbag Newsletter Kickers Chronicles and Footbag World Magazines and product catalogs • Consultant to numerous Footbag Manufactures • Owner of largest Footbag Collection in the world (over 2000 Footbags) Since retiring from the sport, Greg pursued his passions to serve and various entrepreneurial endeavors as a professional nature photographer ( and Organizational Catalyst, Trainer, Coach and Soul Attunement Guide (

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