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Maxell Smith

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Joined: 11/20/06
Phone: 419.445.7503
PO Box 426
Archbold, OH
Joined the NHSA as a 15 year old in 1980. Won titles in doubles net with Johnny Stalberger. Toured as part of NHSA tour team in 1983 with Jimmy C. Did over 300 schools in 13 states. Toured in Holland and Belgium in 1983 with Mag H. and in Japan in 1984 with younger brother Jason Smith. I hold the largest collection of "carded Haitian" footbags in the country along with several "Oregon bags". It was an honor to live with Johnny, Greg, and Bruce during the summer years of my high school in Oregon and Washington and be a part of the early days of the footbag phenonmenon. This game has given so much to me. I love footbag. Thanks Johnny! We are all indebted to "Mr. Hacky Sack". Also thanks to Bruce G. for keeping the footbag flame alive. I was in Oregon when he and Corto founded the WFA. Also, kudos to Mr. Theo Huff. Ted, on behalf of all the are loved buddy! As we used to say back in the day..."keep on kickin'". Maxell Smith

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