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Kenneth David Hamric

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Joined: 06/24/07
Phone: 901-355-2997
10373 Whealdon Way
Collierville, TN
Member of Memphis Footworks since 1983, after being introduced to competitive footbag by Lee Guenther.

Winner in the 86 Worlds Advanced Doubles Final with Andrew Williams when we faced 'the Danes' (Allan Peterson & Albert Laveric) in a very long match.

Gator's (Chris Routh) other half in the 'Rebels' thru the late 80's in Doubles Net where our claim to fame was competing (or trying to compete) against Mag and Kenny (the Establishment) in 88,89,90 Finals at the Worlds and US Open. Managed to win the US Opens in those years, and won the 89 Worlds Doubles title.

Had the privilege of being one of the numerous teams that have come in 2nd to Brent and Jody in Mixed Doubles at the Worlds - lost to them in the Worlds (89?) when I had a great teammate, Janice Earl.

Still showing up a Waterworks in Memphis on Sundays for net. Used to play net until it got dark or I had to leave - now I just play until I get hurt or pull something - i.e. old.

Lots of young guys playing in Memphis now - great to see!


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