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Last Login: Tue Dec 21 17:07:51 2004
Mark Romanin

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Phone: 1-604-630 6000 Ext: 11458
8417 Golden Bear Place
Whistler, BC
Hey all, I'm Mark. First off, let's talk about my whole life story! hahaha....just kidding. Having said that, I'm 20 years old, bout 5'11, green eyes, long brown hair (getting on the long side)Born in Toronto, and I've lived almost my whole life in Whistler BC. I go to Simon Fraser Univsersity (which kicks ass!)I've been playing hacky sack for almost 4 years now, and I'm having an awesome time learning new tricks, plus teaching it to friends on the side. My favorite hacky sack type is sand-filled, but I enjoy pretty much all types. Apart from hacking, I enjoy skiing, golf, running, playing pool,partying, and basically having fun with life. That pretty much sums it up, so rock on all! and if anyone wants to chat or add me to their MSN or whatever, go for it!

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