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Mina Bones

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Denver, CO
I've been shredding off & on since, 2000. Circle kicking since '94. Bob Reifer, founder of Philly Footworks, taught me the basics & encouraged me to challenge myself to learn both sides evenly. I've been spoiled, so many footbag legends met up to kick with me, Ken Shultz, Daryl Genz, Ken Somolinos & Lon Smith. Footbag has become a major part of my life once more & I'm so thankful. A balanced body is a balanced mind. I meet with some great circle kickers 2-3 times a week at the Cheeseman Park Pavillions, I convinced one of 'em to get Rod Lavers when he asked if the shoes I wore were needed in order to shred by replying "I suppose you could snowboard with a large peice of cardboard, the question is would you want to?" Lookin' forward to meeting skilled freestylers to help me push my game well beyond my previous level.

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