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Last Login: Tue Jun 13 06:32:05 2023
Edgar Camargo

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ID: 54108
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Joined: 08/07/07
Tier 1: Expired: 11/08/23
Phone: cel.+573164700454
calle 115 # 64 cc 40
Medellin, Antioquia
Footbag is a recognized sport in Colombia called fuchi or fuchiball, I knew it, by a Company in Footbag campaign in Denmark(special regards to Mr. Carlos Salamanca our Footbag trainer). I would like to promote Footbag wherever people want to learn. I hope someday, Footbag could be a worldwide recognanized sport by olimpyc comitee, so I invited everybody in world to practice and help us to promote it. regards, Footbagchamp.

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  2023: 42nd Annual IFPA WORLD FOOTBAG CHAMPIONSHIPS    5 of 8

Open Singles Routines:

  2008: 2nd IFPA South American Footbag Championships   2 of 6

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  2008: 2nd IFPA South American Footbag Championships   6 of 7

Open Sick Trick:

  2008: 2nd IFPA South American Footbag Championships   2 of 6

Open Circle Contest:

  2008: 2nd IFPA South American Footbag Championships   5 of 7
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