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Aaron R. Clevenger

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Joined: 08/29/02
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Tucson, AZ
Hello, I love footbag. I play all of the time, and sincerely hope that I can play until the day I die. I will play in a wheelchair if I have to. If I am only able to do toe stalls back and forth off the edge of my bed, I will do it. If I lose my legs, I will use artificial ones. When I do die, I want my tombstone to be shaped like a 32 panel footbag. If I am cremated, I want some of my ashes spread in Oregon City where the game was invented, and the rest in a footbag that my friends can use. I want to be remembered as the most intelligent handsome player that ever played. I want to be inducted into the footbag hall of fame with a giant 100 foot banner that can be hung onto a business building downtown, any downtown. None of that matters at this moment however, because I am still shredding all of the time like a wild spider monkey that drank a bunch of energy drinks, even though I don't really drink. I can stitch freestyle bags with the best of them too. See you at the tournament baby.

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  2009: U.S. Open Freestyle Footbag Championships   9 of 8
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