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Last Login: Tue Jun 24 11:08:58 2014
Nate L. Linscott

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ID: 47938
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Joined: 06/02/03
1750 alder St APT 31
Eugene, OR
Stylin' in eugene OR while studying jazz guitar at the U of O. Over the summer I'm at home in WAY UP STATE New YORK. Me and my club are always kickin so drop me a line of you wanna meet up.

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Open Singles Routines:

  2004: 25th Annual IFPA WORLD FOOTBAG CHAMPIONSHIPS   42 of 47

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  2004: 3rd Annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival   6 of 5

Open Circle Contest:

  2012: US Open Freestyle Footbag Championships   5 of 12
  2006: U. S. Open Footbag Championships   4 of 4
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