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John Stalberger

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Camas, WA
I can never say or give enough KUDOS to those players that have helped to create a worldwide following of Footbag and to those that continue to give of their time and energy to promote OUR sport. You know who you are and I give you my love and "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. I have recently (2008) begun to do live demonstrations in schools, youth groups and sports teams with Ethan(Red)Husted and I have a vision of bringing back the Basics to the schools. The kids love to kick and I am having a GREAT time working with a wonderful team mate and promoter like Red! Thanks Red. If you know of a school, youth group or sports team in the Portland, Oregon area that would like to have us visit please have them contact me at 360-901-2277 Mr. Hacky Sack - John Stalberger

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