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Scott Trenton Cleere

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Inducted into the Foothag Hall of Fame inductee in 2000. Player, promoter and alternative sports business person founding Creative Athletics in 1996. Employed several footbag players through school assembly agency tours. Two time world champion, 1986 Mixed Doubles Net champion with Tina Lewis and 1987 Team Freestyle champion Colorado Foot-Boltz with Randy Nelson and Beal Bethurum. Scott ran the Intermountain Footbag Championships with Beal and a core of dedicated staff that set the standard for fun, inclusive footbag events. Scott and Beal traveled to Europe for the European Footbag Championships in Austria and Italy. In 1985 Scott set the Guiness World Record for the largest circle of people kicking with 862 people at the CSU campus in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It's an honor and a privilege to have served the sport of footbag as an athlete and promoter and to continue to play in circles. Scott and Beal were part of the first Team Hacky Sack ground that went on tour for the NHSA in 1983. Long live, long love this game and sport for a lifetime.

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