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Tomas Tyrpekl

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HI, I LIVE IN BARCELONA, SPAIN, SINCE APRIL 2007. AND BEFORE: Interested in kicking the ball since 1995, I love this game, I like when the ball is falling into it's place. I participated on numerous competitions in Europe and of course in my homeland - Czech republic. We (CFA) are organizing an annual competition with international presence in Prague called TODEXON, then also CZECH CHAMPS AND MORE. Our association also organized European Footbag Championships 2001. I met a lot of cool guys in this sport and guess I'll meet a bunch more. Especialy in Czech rep. do I have a lot of great footbag friends, some of them real champions. During the first few years did I play kickin' only, but now I play dexterities too. The ball obeys me already. I have a great fun while playing and believe you see me kicking when you meet me. I was chosen to be the chairman of Czech Footbag Association (CFA) in 2002. It makes me a busy and very involved in the sport :)

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  2003: European Footbag Championships    31 of 38
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