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Greg Nelson

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Ann Arbor, MI
Hi, my name is Greg Nelson. My BAP name is GF Smoothie. The "GF" stands for guilt free. A "guilt" is any move that is 2 ADDS or less. I started playing footbag in '84 when my mom brought one home from the store (Thank You mom!). It was a 12 panel Soc Sac, and I couldn't kick it more than twice to save my life. I would stay out after dark under the street light learning how to kick. I broke 1000 consecutives, and went to my first tournament in '85. I was lucky enough to see Andy Linder, Pat Bieber (sp?), Jay Moldenhauer and Scott Davidson all at my first tourney! If you are considering going to a tournament, GO !! It will do your game some good. The best is Worlds! Jay Moldenhauer and I went to a lot of tournaments. He took me under his wing, and taught me team freestyle. We were fortunate enough to win 3 World Championships, and make our contribution to the sport, thanks Jay. I now have 5 Open Doubles Freestyle (thanks Tuan), and 6 Open Mixed Doubles Freestyle (thanks Lisa and Sam) titles. I have 14 consecutive appearances in the Open Singles Freestyle finals. I hold the current World Record in Iron man and Super Man. I LOVE Funtastik!! I now live in Ann Arbor, MI with my lovely wife, DeAnna and our daughters, Jasper and Savannah, and the boy wonder; Blade. My full-time job since '90 has been doing Frisbee shows for the Flying Aces. I'ts loads of fun, and we expose hundreds of thousands of kids to Frisbee and footbag every year. In 2001 I started the Tour de Michigan, where my club travels around and we have a lot of fun for one afternoon! We have Tricks of the Trade II running on our local public access tv. This has started a rebirth of footbag in the area, and as you might guess, we are very excited! Another great thing for everybody to do is to start a club. Even if it is just you at first, others will find you. Don't be afraid to email people in and around your state (see members section). Get a good footbag (4 panel from Freedom Footbags,$ 7 !!). Watch video of the best players. Get some good freestyle shoes (Rod Lavers from WFA), or make your own. Above all else, as always, have fun! Thanks to Steve Goldberg for this wonderful site. Kenny, I love you!! Footbag is fun.

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