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Last Login: Tue Jan 20 07:33:33 2004
Juliet Pendray

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ID: 12079
E-mail: invalid
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Joined: 05/09/02
Tier 2: Expired: 07/22/07
Phone: (604) 736-7572
#12-2475 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
1995-present: Director and Treasurer, Kitsilano Footbag Association

1996-present: Tournament Director or Assistant Director, Vancouver Open

1997-1999: Volunteer staff at tournaments (U.S.Open99, Worlds97, Heart of Freestyle97)

2000: Worlds Assistant Tournament Director

Otherwise: Housing co-operative co-ordinator, wicked snakeboarder, property manager, amateur botanist and general biology freak, hand-drummer, lover of life.

"I've been kicking it up for sixteen years, so far ... hm what's that quote - something about prying the footbag from my cold dead fingers... Naw that's a bit overly dramatic. How about, simply, I LOVE FOOTBAG and FOOTBAGGERS!"

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