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Becca English-Ross

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Eugene, OR
Footbag is great fun, develops life-long friendships, and has impacted my life in many wonderful ways. I started kicking in Eugene in 1987, then returned to school at UC Berkeley and met many competitive footbag players. I helped to start the UC Berkelely Footbag Club and the University of Oregon Club. In 1990,I began dating, kicking, and traveling to tournaments(my first Worlds and Beaver Open)with Dennis Ross and Flying Clipper. I have competed in many footbag events and tournaments since 1990. As part of Free F.L.O.E.(Footbag Lovers Of Eugene) Footbag Club I helped host many tournaments, world record attempts/records, school assemblies, demonstrations, and clinics. I've been a part of the Beaver Open family since 1990 and staff since 2005. I did footbag performances and workshops in The Philippines and helped students at Luna Colleges start a club. Many of my relatives have attended Worlds in CO, CA, FL, OR, Vancouver BC, and Montreal. Kicking with my son, Jesse and the next generation...priceless!

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