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'96 Western Regionals

These are photos from the 1996 Western Regional Footbag Championships, a 3-day event taking place every Memorial Day Weekend on the beautiful campus of Stanford University (in Palo Alto, California). This event typically draws more than 100 competitors and over a thousand spectators. This gallery has other related information at:

Sam and Lisa

Sam Conlon (left) and Lisa McDaniel show how it's done in doubles freestyle.
Photo by Henry Strickland

Ed and Steve

Ed La Macchia (left) and Steve Goldberg show off their organic doubles freestyle routine.
Photo by Henry Strickland

Ahren Gehrman (The Torch)

17-year-old prodigy Ahren Gehrman takes his deserved credit after an almost flawless singles routine.
Photo by Henry Strickland

E.T. in T.D.

Etienne "ET" Constable wows the judges with a consistent and upbeat performance.
Photo by Henry Strickland

Manu is the Man

Emmanuel Bouchard goes up to smash the bag down in open singles net.
Photo by Henry Strickland

Jeremy Nevin's Supercrank

Jeremy Nevin prepares to shred it up on the sidelines.
Photo by Henry Strickland

Ben Gallant

Stanford Footbag Club president Ben Gallant bumps the bag on its way into a big combo.
Photo by Henry Strickland
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