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Montreal Shred (Worlds '96)

These are videos of freestyle (on the sidelines) from the 1996 World Footbag Championships in Montreal, Canada. This gallery has other related information at:

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Ahren Gehrman in Montreal

This is a nice segment of footage from the "Holidome" jam in Montreal, the night after the freestyle competition at the '96 Worlds. The jam usually takes place in the host hotel.(Playing time 26 secs.)
Video by Tuan Vu

Shults and Kremer at the Tam-Tam Jam

This video was taken at the "Tam-Tam" drum jam in Montreal -- a regular Sunday happening. But this Sunday was special -- it was not only a beautiful day, but around 200 footbag players had just descended on Montreal for a solid week of footbag play. In this video, Kenny Shults (The Enforcer) and Steve (Kosmo) Kremer bust some moves with subtitles.(Playing time 42 secs.)
Video by Tuan Vu
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