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1994 Western Regionals

These are some of our older photos, in GIF format (so please excuse the graininess). They were taken by footbag photographer John Caveney at the 1994 Western Regional Footbag Championships at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

Brent and E.T.

Brent Welch and Etienne ("E.T.") Constable performing their famous doubles routine. Brent at E.T. were partners for over 5 years, helping bring doubles freestyle to a new level.
Photo by John Caveney

Julie and Heather

Julie Symons and Heather Squires Thomas teamed up in '94. This was their first competition as a doubles team. Heather travelled from Houston, Texas, to perform with Julie at the Western Regionals.
Photo by John Caveney

Ken Shults

The famous Kenny Shults puts fear into the eyes of Jim Caveney who's hoping to block this smash.
Photo by John Caveney

Sam and Lisa

Sam Conlon and Lisa McDaniel -- the many-time world doubles champions in freestyle footbag -- trap the footbag between their soles in a unique move that put this team on the map.
Photo by John Caveney

Steve and Ed

Steve Goldberg and Ed La Macchia began their second year as a team in 1994. In this shot, they look like a four-legged freestyle monster. They competed through the 1997 world championships, after which Ed retired from footbag competition.
Photo by John Caveney
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