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General Collection II

These are more of our best photos, collected over the last few years. They were some of the first photos on this website. Please forgive the low quality -- we didn't know about JPG when we created this website back in '93-4.

Brent Welch Gets Huge

Jake Leong and Scott Cleere (foreground) defend their turf against the onslaught of powerhouse Brent Welch (in the air) and partner Jimmy Caveney. This photo was taken at the '93 Western Regionals in Palo Alto, California, and is one of the oldest photos on this website (which was created in '92-'93).
Photo by John Caveney

Julie Symons Under the Bag

An exercise in perspective. This is Julie Symons ('94 Overall World Champion) waiting patiently for the smaller of the to bags to fall.
Photo by John Caveney

Reebok Celebrates Alternative Sports

This still is from a Reebok commercial that ran starting in January 2001 celebrating alternative sports, including takraw. The ad is at While it looks like a footbag shot, this is actually a shot of a takraw player doing a roll spike -- the ball is just very high and thus looks as small as a footbag.
Photo by anonymous (see copyright)

Power in the Air

Kenny Shults (left) and Brent Welch go foot-to-foot at the '93 World Championships in Golden, Colorado.
Photo by John Caveney
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